sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2012

The Temple of Gold

Hello penguins!
I’m very proud to announce that Pengable’s next party, the Puffle Party, will commence on June 2nd and will stick around on the island until June 6th.
There are a few secrets that only the master detectives will be able to spot, including the ever-so famous lost temple of gold…
What do you think we have in store? Leave a comment below and let us know!

NameColor and NameGlow Now Available

It took us a few days, but the !NAMECOLOR and !NAMEGLOW COMMANDS are now available on Pengable! You can acquire these new commands from Pengable Manage for only 500 credits. Here’s a VERY BRIEF “GUIDE” on how to use !NAMECOLOR and !NAMEGLOW:
  • !NAMECOLOR: You can change the appearance (or color) of your DISPLAY NAME by typing !NAMECOLOR HEXDIG, where HEXDIG = 6 Digit Hex Code.
    • Example 1: !NAMECOLOR FFFFFF = White Name
    • Example 2: !NAMECOLOR 0011bb = Dark Blue Name
  • !NAMEGLOW: You can place a glow around your DISPLAY NAME by typing !NAMEGLOW HEXDIG, where HEXDIG = 6 Digit Hex Code.
    • Example 1: !NAMEGLOW FF0000 = Red Glow
    • Example 2: !NAMEGLOW 00aa22 = Green Glow
It’s quite simple to find codes for colors and you can do so by Googling “Color Wheels” or by clicking here.
It’s very easy to work our new commands and should you need help or assistance, please email us at

Pengable’s Penguin Play Awards Results

Hi everyone! We’ve just finished tallying up the entirety of the votes throughout the course of the Pengable Penguin Play Awards, specifically on which stage play that you, the Pengable users, thought was best. Here are the results, in order from least to greatest:
5. Fairy Fables – 25 votes
4. Ruby and the Ruby – 51 votes
3. Quest for the Golden Puffle – 75 votes
2. Underwater Adventure – 124 votes
1. Squidzoid: Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal - 221 votes!
In total, there were 496 votes. We’re glad that everyone participated in the Pengable Penguin Play Awards and we hope to do it again in the near future. Until then, Squidzoid: Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal will be entitled as the greatest Pengable stage play. For now, enjoy our Launch Fair!

Pengable’s Penguin Play Awards

Yep, you read the title right. The Penguin Play Awards party is on NOW! It’ll only be on the island from May 24 – 27, so make sure to log on and grab all of the free items while you still can.
Penguin Play Awards
In other news: Have you checked out the Ice Berg? I’ve heard that it may have been tipped…

A Few Updates to Pengable

Hi everyone! This is just a post to inform you about some of the new updates in regards to bug fixing and additions to Pengable.
Pengable Pie Igloo
Here’s what we did last night:
- All items now work (this includes new items, backgrounds, etc)
- Coins are no longer unlimited (you’ll need to play games around the island if you run out of coins)
- All of the party rooms are fixed, which means the Sky Kingdom, Scorn Battle Room, etc are now accessible (please note that you are not able to actually battle the Scorn just yet)
- Fixed the music
- Fixed Penguin Age
… and what we are planning to do before launch:
- Custom igloos (we’ve already made a Pie igloo, though it’s not yet available for most people)
- Custom rooms (our launch party is in development!)
- Fix the remaining commands
- Fix the Scorn Battle game
- Fix Bits and Bolts arcade game
- Fix System Defender game
- Fix Sports Shop “full” glitch
- Manage cPanel
- Store
We’ve still got a bit to work through before we can officially launch Pengable, however, we plan to be done with all of the fixes by week’s end.

Connection Problems and a Few Bugs

If you are having trouble connecting to Pengable, please continue reading, as this post should shed some light as to why you are facing this problem. As you may know, has been the target of flooding via Undefined Bots, a bug that allows a hacker to flood and make the servers full on Pengable. We have mostly fixed this exploit, though as I write this post, we are being flooded (only 81 penguins compared to the usual 500, so not a big deal). As a result of cracking down on these Undefined Bots, you may experience connection problems when:
  • You login or out too many times within a set timeframe.
  • You enter a wrong username or password too many times.
  • You change servers too many times within a set timeframe.
You may also experience connection problems with other scenarios, but the ones mentioned above are the most common ones. If you are experiencing this problem, please note: If you continue to try to login, the problem will continue to affect you.The ONLY solution to this happens to be a waiting period — so If you have trouble connecting (as in, Pengable not loading or connecting to a server), please wait a few minutes.
In addition, we are aware of the following bugs on Pengable: Penguin Age Glitch (will be fixed soon), Unavailable Commands (they will be enabled soon). If you know of any glitches/bugs that are not listed here, please drop us a comment or send an email
In other news, we have fixed the Medieval Party Rooms for Quest 3 on Pengable, so be sure to check out the Quest at the Cave (usually where you can find the Pool).

Pengable’s Medieval Party is Here!

Yes, we know we just had the Card Jitsu party; however, nobody really wanted it to stay around, so we brought the Medieval Party to Pengable. All 3 quests are online for everyone to play, and we are currently working on fixing the problem with the Scorn Dragon Quest.
Pengable Medieval Party
Please make sure to report any unfixed bugs.
Enjoy everyone!